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We provide innovative solutions to common problems from everyday materials

...We do not re-invent the wheel, we re-adapt it

redeVelo is a newly-formed startup NGO that aims to link creative reuse and practical applications with sustainable development.  Our belief is that solutions are not just about finished high-tech products.  We believe that people have the ability to alter the global climate and that solutions can be developed by individuals within their own communities.  

Our goal is create the processes and thus solutions for common needs using local materials and interactive workshops.  This involves learning approaches from those who are local to an area and also providing instruction on methods for construction and utilization of materials, 

During projects we interact with communities and work towards the ultimate goal of human empowerment.  A lot of our work is centered around human-powered devices and techniques, trying to keep moving parts to a minimum and reuse the resources, particularly discarded and overlooked resources, available in an environment.  

Not all of these approaches are entirely new: solar ovens and composting have been around for decades if not centuries!  But our processes provide solutions that work for people: solar ovens from bicycle tires for regions with few motorized vehicles, indoor compost boxes that double as planters.  

These solutions make green, sustainable technologies practical and help solve necessities in developing regions.

You can see some of our work in the gallery below or keep an eye on our Instructables page!


redeVelo is proud to present at the Chattanooga Maker Faire 2014!

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